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Compare our packages to select the level of cleaning your vehicle needs.
Each level offers the most advanced Touch-Free Laser Wash service available.

Why Touch-Free
Touch-Free Menu
$9 Deluxe
  • Two-Step Hot Premium Soap

  • LaserWash

  • Clear Coat Protectant

  • Spot Free Rinse

  • Max Air Dry

$11 Premium
  • Deluxe Package
  • Underbody Wash & Turbo Blast

  • Triple Foam Polish

$13 Ultimate
  • Deluxe Package
  • Premium Package
  • RainX Surface Protectant

$16 The Works
  • Deluxe Package
  • Premium Package
  • Ultimate Package
  • Ceramic Sealant
  • Hot Lava Premium Wash


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Blue Falls Touch-Free Laser Wash by Conrad’s provides a superior car-wash experience. Unlike other car washes, the touch-free laser wash technology ensures 360-degree coverage and tackles hard-to-remove bug debris. It washes AND dries your car faster so you can confidently drive your vehicle, knowing it’s clean and protected.

Best Clean.
Our soaps attack dirt and grime and the rinse cycle completely removes the solution for a streak-free shine.
Easy In. Easy Out.
Never worry about damaging your vehicle when you enter the car wash. We don’t use tracks or treadles. Instead the Laserwash 360° open-bay technology perfectly guides your vehicle through the wash — every time.
Touch-Free Perks.
We don’t use abrasive brushes that routinely damage vehicles. Our laser wash performs targeted action on your vehicle’s dirt and grime – not the paint or finish.
Fresh Water – Every Time.
We never reuse water. The touch-free laser wash uses fresh, hot water for each and every cycle.
Bugs-be-gone. Do away with low expectations. You won’t see any more bug residue on the bumper –or anywhere for that matter – after a touch-free laser wash.
Perfectly Dry.
Toss the towels you’ve been storing in the backseat to really get the car dry. With a touch-free laser wash, your car will go from wet to entirely dry in less than 5 minutes. And all the while, our Max Air dry system uses less energy while delivering better drying performance.

Every Crack & Crevice.
The touch-free laser wash technology targets every square inch of your vehicle – even the underbody. In fact, the underbody wash and turbo blast cycle cleans the undercarriage of your car better than the average wash system.
Protection That Lasts.
The car wash will protect your vehicle with three targeted solutions: The clear-coat protectant insulates the paint from acid rain and UV rays; RainX ensures you can see through the glass and safeguards chrome; the tri-color polish shortens drying time and enhances shine.
The touch-free laser car wash is designed to put your car’s safety first. The soaps won’t damage your car.
Environmentally Friendly!
We’re committed to conserving natural resources. The car wash uses less water and our soaps and waxes are 100% bio-degradable.
Here For You – No Matter the Time.
We’re open 24/7, so come in anytime! In every season, there’s a reason for a Blue Falls Car Wash by Conrad’s. Our premium car wash system adjusts to your vehicle’s needs in every season. Whether fall or spring, winter or summer, you can expect a top-notch wash, every time.

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