Blue Falls Soft-Touch Tunnel Wash by Conrad’s ensures the best wash experience – every time. Our innovative technology, automated soft cloths and mild but effective soap tackle tough dirt, bugs and grime. The fast wash and dry cycles deliver an ultra-clean vehicle and give you peace of mind.

Best Clean.
Our soaps attack dirt and grime and the rinse cycle completely removes the solution for a streak-free shine.
Easy In. Easy Out.
Never worry about damaging your vehicle when you enter the car wash. We don’t use tracks or treadles. Instead the Laserwash 360° open-bay technology perfectly guides your vehicle through the wash — every time.
Touch-Free Perks.
We don’t use abrasive brushes that routinely damage vehicles. Our laser wash performs targeted action on your vehicle’s dirt and grime – not the paint or finish.
Fresh Water – Every Time.
We never reuse water. The touch-free laser wash uses fresh, hot water for each and every cycle.
A Spot-Free Rinse.
– never worry again that your car won’t come out of the car wash spot-free.
Tire Shine.
A tire shine that leaves your tires gleaming.
A RainX application that protects the car’s glass and chrome for a crystal clear shine, every time.
Triple-Coat Wax
Triple-coated wax protection puts the finishing touches on your vehicle so it looks like you just drove it off the car dealership lot.
Triple-Coat Condition
A triple-coat condition and clear-coat finish ensures that the car’s clean lasts as long as possible.
FREE Vacuum!
Free interior vacuum so your vehicle is clean from the inside-out.
Here’s What Sets a Car Wash at Blue Falls Apart:
  • Innovative construction makes it easy to get in and out of the car wash. A conveyer belt means you can easily drive into the car wash, without having to navigate through tricky rails or guides.
  • Our car wash uses very little water, so you can confidently wash your car knowing it’s not guzzling natural resources. How much water does it use? 10 gallons or less for each car, and we go to great lengths to reuse and recycle the water we use. Want to know how much water you use at home to wash your car? Between 80 and 140 gallons.
  • No time to wait? No problem! We can wash over a hundred cars every hour and the entire wash cycle lasts less than five minutes. If you’re in a hurry and don’t wait to wait in a long line, head to Blue Falls Soft-Touch Tunnel Wash by Conrad’s.