COVID-19 Letter to our Valued Customers

The Car wash Industry is taking the Coronavirus very seriously and is doing its part to help suppress and mitigate the spread of the virus while providing an important public service to our communities.

We continue to remain open to serve our customers, as well as first responders, ride share drivers, and delivery vehicles. Employees can perform their daily tasks without direct interaction with other employees or customers

BlueFalls is now following these Covid-19 Protocols:

  1. Every other vacuum station will be open and frequently sanitized.
  2. Staff will be wearing gloves, masks, frequent hand washing, and maintaining social distance.
  3. Clean and sanitize pay systems after each use, and end of day cleaning.
  4. The self-pay lane will be open for a no contact option.
  5. Hours of operation: Mon-Sat 7am-8pm Sun 8am-6pm

Express Tunnel Car Wash operations require the customer to totally stay in their vehicle and are not exposed to other individuals.

Washing your vehicle is like washing your hands and can help reduce the spread of harmful microorganisms. With the virus known to live on hard surfaces for up to 14 days, all external touch points such as Door handles and common contact surfaces will be cleaned.

Customers and car wash staff are at low risk for exposure to other individuals. Less exposure than going through a drive-through window at a restaurant and no more exposure than fueling your vehicle.